Gilles Grethen Quartet

Luxembourg guitarist Gilles Grethen’s quartet convinces with a rich sound diversity and compositions oscillating between traditional and modern jazz. Warm harmonies and lyrical melodies, combined with a captivating rhythm and underlined by Grethen’s warm yet vibrant guitar sound, are the ingredients of their music. Both motives developed in unison and bold improvisations reveal the complicity of the four musicians. The Gilles Grethen Quartet released its debut album 'Time Suite' on 28 May 2021 on Double Moon Records.

A second album is coming on 21st October! The title of the new album is 'State of Mind' and it features the Gilles Grethen Quartet along with 11 amazing string players!

“Pictorial, lyrical-melancholic compositions that oscillate gently between tradition and modernity.”

Jazz Thing (DE)

Gilles Grethen Quartet 1
Gilles Grethen Quartet 2
Gilles Grethen Quartet 3